Jared Hall
(Origin 82898)
John Bishop
(Origin 82883)
Benjamin Boone
Caught in the Rhythm
(Origin 82879)
Variable Clouds: Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival
(Origin 82862)
Brent Jensen
More Sounds of a Dry Martini
(Origin 82821)
Benjamin Boone
The Poets Are Gathering
(Origin 82808)
(Origin 82807)
Hal Galper Trio
The Zone: Live at the Yardbird Suite
(Origin 82793)
Peterson-Kohler Collective
Winter Colors
(Origin 82787)
Thomas Marriott
Romance Language
(Origin 82765)
Hal Galper Quartet featuring Jerry Bergonzi
(Origin 82751)
Emi Meyer
(Origin 82742)
(Origin 82736)
Tom Collier
Across the Bridge
(Origin 82703)
Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters
Abstract Quantities
(Origin 82683)
Hal Galper
O's Time
(Origin 82670)
...But Not Heard
(Origin 82657)
Hal Galper Trio
Airegin Revisited
(Origin 82628)
Chad McCullough Bram Weijters
Urban Nightingale
(Origin 82626)
Hal Galper
Trip the Light Fantastic
(Origin 82602)
Wellstone Conspiracy
Humble Origins
(Origin 82600)
Silent Photographer
(Origin 82594)
Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters
Imaginary Sketches
(Origin 82584)
Thomas Marriott
Constraints & Liberations
(Origin 82577)
Richard Cole
Inner Mission
(Origin 82575)
Hadley Caliman | Pete Christlieb
(Origin 82569)
Wellstone Conspiracy
(Origin 82560)
Hal Galper
E Pluribus Unum - Live in Seattle
(Origin 82557)
(Origin 82555)
Chad McCullough
Dark Wood, Dark Water
(Origin 82535)
Various Artists
The Cool Season: An Origin Records Holiday Collection, Vol. 2
(Origin 82494)
Brent Jensen w/ Bill Anschell, Jeff Johnson, John Bishop
One More Mile
(Origin 82493)
Richard Cole
(Origin 82492)
Hal Galper / Jeff Johnson / John Bishop
Furious Rubato
(Origin 82476)
Thomas Marriott
Both Sides Of The Fence
(Origin 82474)
Along the Way
(Origin 82470)
Bill Anschell
More To The Ear Than Meets The Eye
(Origin 82469)
John Bishop
Nothing If Not Something
(Origin 82455)
Brent Jensen
(Origin 82453)
Ben Thomas
(Origin 82448)
Thomas Marriott
(Origin 82442)
Tom Collier
Mallet Jazz
(Origin 82436)
New Stories
Hope is in the Air
(Origin 82434)
Brent Jensen / Rob Walker Quintet
Art of the Groove
(Origin 82427)
Deardorf / Peterson Group
(Origin 82425)
Various Artists
Modern Jazz: A Collection of Seattle's Finest Jazz
(Origin 82423)
Don Lanphere
Where Do You Start?
(Origin 82410)
Various Artists
Winter: An Origin Records Holiday Collection
(Origin 82408)
Lynn Bush with New Stories
Still Life
(Origin 82394)
Don Lanphere with New Stories
Home At Last
(Origin 82391)
John Bishop with Jeff Johnson, Rick Mandyck, John Stowell
(Origin 82390)
Ben Black
Remembered Faces / Private Places
(Origin 82387)
Marius Nordal
Ways of the Hand
(Origin 82383)
Ben Thomas
The Mystagogue
(Origin 82381)
New Stories
Speakin Out
(Origin 82372)
Richard Cole
A Glance Back
(Origin 82366)
Don Lanphere and Pete Christlieb
Get Happy
(Origin 82363)
Marius Nordal
(Origin 82361)
New Stories
Remember Why
(Origin 82359)
John Bishop
Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit
(Origin 82358)
Mike Denny Rick Mandyck Jeff Johnson John Bishop
(Origin 82357)
New Stories
Circled By Hounds
(Origin 82356)


Cheryl Fisher
Quietly There
(OA2 22133)
The Vocal Jazz Collective
(OA2 22068)
Jeff Baker
Of Things Not Seen
(OA2 22056)
Paul West / Mark Brown
Words & Music
(OA2 22041)
Jeff Baker
Shopping For Your Heart
(OA2 22031)
Amy Stephens
My Many Moods
(OA2 22021)
Jeff Baker
(OA2 22019)


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REH Videos (Warner Bros.):
Clint Strong  “Mastering Jazz Licks”
Roscoe Beck  “Blues Bass, Step 1”
Roscoe Beck  “Blues Bass, Step 2”
Don Mock     “Jazz Guitar Comping”
Keith Wyatt   “Blues Guitar Comping”
Keith Wyatt     “Blues Guitar, Step 1”
Keith Wyatt     “Blues Guitar, Step 2”
Keith Wyatt    “Blues Guitar Effects”
Nick Nolan   “Rhythm Techniques for Rock Guitar”
Nick Nolan   “Effects for Rock Guitar”
Alan Slutsky  “Funk Guitar Grooves”
Alan Slutsky  “Effects for Country Guitar”
Frankie Manning  Jitterbug/Tapdance Video Vol. 1-4

PBS documentaries :
– The Miracle Planet
– Washington, D.C.
– Aids with Linda Ellerbee
– Over Washington
– Over New England
– Over America
– Smart Money
– A Walk Up Broadway with David Hartman